Refinancing a Jumbo Mortgage After a COVID Forbearance

Despite some recent setbacks that see COVID cases increasing, many of us are optimistic that vaccination rates will continue to go up and all of America will eventually commit to getting the worst of the virus behind us once and for all. There is no doubt that as we headed into the summer, we could feel the economy coming back on line and the country getting back to work. Sure the recovery has been uneven, but compared to the uniform bleakness of last summer, there could only be reason for hope this time around.

Not surprisingly, the progress we’re seeing in the general economy has carried over to what we’re seeing in the mortgage industry — many homeowners who took advantage of COVID forbearance and payment deferral plans are now back to work, back on their feet, seeing those arrangements draw to a close and contemplating their best options for long-term, future financing. This happens to coincide with an ongoing low rate environment, and that has opened the door to a refinance for a good percentage of owners. But wait… If a borrower has had a recent forbearance or deferral, and has a jumbo loan, can he or she even refi at all?

The answer is “Yes!” But if you have had a forbearance or deferral plan, you have a jumbo loan and you are out there researching a refinance, you are very likely going to get some conflicting information. A key thing to remember is that not all jumbo lenders are created. Because they are not required to follow the “Agency” guidelines, that is, the rulebook that governs conforming loans as dictated by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, jumbo mortgage lenders will have different demands for refinancing post-COVID.  Here’s what we’re seeing for the most lenient of our investors:

Repayment Plan

The homeowner must have completed the full repayment plan or made at least three consecutive timely payments (and not missed any other payments under the program).

Payment Deferral

The homeowner must have made at least three consecutive timely payments following the effective date of the deferral agreement.

Modification Trial Payment Plan

The homeowner must have completed the trial payment plan.

If you are in doubt about whether or not you will meet the requirements above, get in touch and we can figure it out — often without any credit checks or exchange of any other personal documents. From there, if a refinance looks promising, the process is IDENTICAL to the one employed by a borrower who has not gone through any sort of hardship plan. We understand the nature of these inquiries and the place from which they stem. If you need a hand with your scenario, extend yours to us today.

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